InBooze Cocktail Infusions

Ashleigh Evans
Owner and CEO of InBooze

When I first started putting together the Built in Black America podcast, InBooze was one of the first Black Owned businesses I came across. The product is unique. They’re cocktail flavor infusions that come in a bag, similar to a teabag. All you have to do is add your choice of liquor (or just water if you’re not one to drink). Over a span of just a few years, business has taken off for owner Ashleigh Evans. She’s had to quickly expand to meet the demand. Oh by the way… she had to do it in the middle of a pandemic.

It’s worth noting that I technically had our interview double booked. My wife had an appointment that she couldn’t move, which means I had to occupy our two little girls. They played together just fine… right up until interview time, which is when both of them wanted to be in daddy’s office. Ashleigh, as a mother herself, graciously understood my predicament. Through the magic of podcasting, though… you’d never know my 1 year old daughter insisted on sitting in my lap for the better part of our discussion.

Thanks again to Ashleigh for coming on the Built in Black America Podcast.

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