Trade Street Jam Co.

Ashley Rouse
Trade Street Jam Co.

This stuff is not your grandmother’s jams, jellies, or preserves. Trade Street Jam Co. has half a dozen flavors that are pleasing palates across the country. Founder and CEO Ashley Rouse started this whole thing in her New York apartment. While she still runs her business from there, the operation is spread out much farther. Some of her staff works remotely… as far away as Texas. But this whole thing seems to allow her to respond to customers’ needs pretty quickly. She narrowed her six flavors down from hundreds that she’d made before because of input from her fans. When she wants to try something new, she can drop a small batch out there and scale up as needed.

One key thing sticks out for me when you peruse her website. Her jams aren’t just made to slap onto a piece of toast. If you want to do that, by all means go ahead. But she suggests you slather it on to much more… from your homemade pizza, to whatever you’ve got sizzling on the grill. She’s even got recipes for cocktail mixers. Just take a look at one of the latest:

If you know anyone who’s more enthusiastic about jam, you let me know. Right now, Ashley is at the top of my list. We had a great conversation about how she started her business. Plus she shared about what she’s got coming in the pipeline. We also talked about why it’s important for the Black community to support our own businesses. We both hope this “Buy Black” movement isn’t just a trend, but a new way of life for a lot of people. Hopefully, it gets to a point where that type of movement isn’t needed.

In the meantime, you can check out Trade Street Jam Co. at the links below. Make sure you download the podcast to hear our conversation!

Website: Trade Street Jam Co.
Instagram: TradeStJamCo
Facebook: Trade Street Jam Co.

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