Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner

Ymani Efunyale
Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner

You might think that natural cleaner you’re using is harmless. But it may not be as natural as you think. That’s what Ymani Efunyale discovered several years ago after her then two year old son had an asthma attack after spraying a bunch of one in his mouth. That was part of the impetus that led Ymani to learn more about creating her own cleaners. I think any parent can identify with this. And certainly other businesses have been started as a reaction to something that happened to a parent’s kid. But remember, in the greater landscape that’s a rarity. Perhaps its even more rare when you consider successful Black owned businesses. You can get the whole story when you listen to the podcast.

This stuff isn’t just about cleaning your house, though. Ymani wants to change your entire vibe while you’re cleaning. And she plans on widening her line of cleaners and fragrances to bring better vibes to more than just cleaning your household surfaces. We had an awesome time talking about how how Ymani curates the fragrances that go into her cleaners and what she has on the horizon. She also dropped some awesome knowledge, though. You’ll want to listen to the whole thing to get some serious tips on how you can support more Black owned businesses in your day-to-day life. Ymani said she’s been serious about buying Black for about a decade. Everything down to her toilet paper and washing detergent is all from Black owned businesses.

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