About BiBA

Larry McGill
Built in Black America Podcast

The Built in Black America podcast is a space to share stories about the people behind successful Black owned and Black led businesses. There are a ton of podcasts that tell you about how to start your own business… and even more with schemes to make money. There are even other podcasts and radio shows that share stories about business owners (which are actually an inspiration for this podcast). However, I haven’t found anyone that focuses on the stories of Black and Brown people in business. And in most mainstream cases, their interviews with Black and Brown people are also few and far between.

Sharing stories about Black businesses is imperative in this moment, where we’re seeing a racial reckoning in the U.S. and there’s a push to “buy Black”. Without normalizing Black businesses creating awesome things and Black people leading the business world in general, it seems that we’re on a path to the phrase becoming a trend that trots out every time something terrible happens to the Black community. I hope we can continue to highlight Black excellence when and where it happens until it’s so normal, that podcasts like this one are not needed to share our stories.